Manage all kinds of files
with tags, not folders

  • Reduce time to find data
  • Automate workflow
  • Share databases
  • Avoid duplicates
  • Eliminate the mess
Download for Windows free for personal use

100,000 of objects

Battle-tested on huge collections (good hardware helps!)

Separated meta-data

Files are never modified and can be part of multiple databases (useful for sharing)

Corruption detection

Automatic (or manual) integrity checks based on file hashes (MD5)


5 Megabytes on disk – just 2% of Apple iTunes, 0.5% of Adobe Bridge

For power users

Query language, hotkeys, automation, portability, VCS-friendliness (…git)


C/C# plugins, SQLite backend, loads of docs and samples, web integrations

Features at a glance

Tag manager

Search queries

Flexible searches using a real query language:

  • "~X" – all sub-tags of "X"
  • "X | Y" – "X" or "Y"
  • "-X" – excluding "X"
  • "X (Y | Z)" – "X" with "Y" or "X" with "Z"

Saved searches

Save searches and organized them into a tree just like tags.

Tag weights

Rate the relevance of a tag in relation to the object it’s assigned to. Higher weight makes the object appear first when you search for that tag.

Import settings

Preserve existing tags using:

  • meta-data (Bridge, cameras, Explorer; EXIF, IPTC, XMP)
  • plugins (iTunes, MP3; IDv3)
  • file names

Tag decks

Shortlist tags for light-speed tagging with a single keystroke. Over 10×10 Tag Deck hotkeys with unlimited profiles, plus 5 Global Tags (Q W E R T).


Put relevant files (such as video bookmarks, notes, playlists, Internet links) into the special folder of an object for quick access and automation using scripts.

and it’s all for free

Stagsi is free for non-commercial use. It can’t edit databases with over 5,000 objects but it can read them, and the number of smaller, writable databases is unlimited.

If you support the development by paying $5 you get a perk: unlimited databases – and our personal attention :)

Purchase Detailed license terms

Give it a try

Download installer


Cookbook Highlights

System requirements

Windows 7/8/10. Net Framework 4.6+ (already bundled with Windows 10).

Hardware, for large databases: either a lot of RAM (for thumbnail caching) or a very fast disk (SSD or NVMe).

Other versions

Installers: 32-bit (all Editions), 64-bit (all except Free).

Portable builds: ZIP 32-bit, 64-bit; 7-ZIP 32-bit, 64-bit. These include no installer and no Net Framework.

Archive of previous versions.

Portable builds store all files within the program’s folder. Such archives contain several folders: dist – the actual program (extract anywhere on your system), pre and post – installation scripts (not needed by most users).

These archives also work for upgrading Stagsi in offline via menu in the system tray.

About vendor lock-in

Short answer: no. Stagsi is built on top of SQLite – an open-source database engine used by Android, Firefox and other world-class projects. Other data files are equally easy to read (JSON, etc.). We provide detailed description of our data formats and even code libraries to work with them. You can always migrate away from Stagsi if it fails you (but first let us know!).

Signing keys

All our releases are signed with Authenticode ( certificate), GPG (key 747F9827) and raw RSA (key, details).


No program is free of bugs but we take them personally. Please report issues to our bug tracker or forum.


Please ask on the forum or, if the matter is not public, reach us at (GPG key).